Kultur Aktiv on the Attack on Israel

Solidarity with the people under attack in Israel
Solidarität mit Israel

We are shocked by the brutal acts committed by Hamas terrorists in Israel in large numbers. This new escalation is unilaterally caused by Hamas. Unfortunately, it has – once again – claimed many victims, most of them civilians! It must therefore be clearly assessed as a terrorist, inhuman and belligerent attack. The fact that this is happening in the context of a larger and very long-lasting conflict, in which it is not so easy to clearly distribute good and evil among the conflict parties, cannot and must not serve to justify this attack! No end justifies the means if innocent people and civilians are harmed and deprived of their freedom. We therefore stand in solidarity with the people who have lost their relatives and friends and are suffering as a result of the aggression! We see it as our duty to show clear solidarity with the people under attack in Israel here in Germany as well.

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