Life After Mobility Projects: new Workshop in Armenia

Just in few days gonna start a new adventure of Kulturaktivists in Armenia: we are going to Caucasus again in frames of a training course “Life After Mobility Projects” which is organized with the support of ERASMUS+ program in cooperation with YIC (Youth Initiative Centre).

“Life after Mobility Projects” is a 7 days training course for youth workers aiming to improve the quality of non-formal learning mobility programmes and to strengthen their impact on young people’s employability through equipping youth leaders and mentors with tools and competences for designing efficient support systems to guide young throughout their mobility experience (preparation, implementation and follow-up).

With this project we would like to share and develop new creative tools for supporting and guiding young people before, during and after their mobility experience. We would like also to examine the existing mechanisms for assessment, recognition and validation of the mobility experience and acquired competences on local and European levels. We find also important to explore links between and the potential of non-formal learning mobility programs and young people’s employment/employability. In the frames of LAMP we would like to discuss with participants’ group and with various local stakeholders the issues connected with the visibility of mobility programs, cross-sectorial cooperation and the benefits of mobility programs for the community at large. We would like also to share best practices and set up further cooperation projects in the field of non-formal learning mobility, institutional development, coaching and mentoring.

Kultur Aktiv team consists of the project coordinator Anna Perepechai (who is also an ex-EVS volunteer of Kultur Aktiv) and 3 participants: Michael Gottwald (EVS-coordinator of Kultur Aktiv), Marta Pelka (ex-EVS volunteer) and Pablo Quevedo (ex-EVS volunteer).

The project was done as a continuation of the cooperation between Kultur Aktiv and YIC, Gymri. Last year we organized together a study visit “Linking Bridges – Building Networks“.