Lisa Wölfel

Foto: Sally Frey

Lisa Wölfel (1988 in Schweinfurt) studied free painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and was a master student of Prof. Thomas Hartmann from 2015 to 2017. Today, the artist lives and works in Leipzig. 

One of her general interests is the connection between nature and human beings. Lisa Wölfel deals with emotional processes, levels and realities that are difficult to put into words but become tangible in pictures. She strains her pictures physically as well as in terms of content: she loads them up, throws out again, empties them and adds again until she reaches a point in her perception where the picture conveys what the artist was looking for.

Great pictorial decisions take time, sometimes they are put on hold until she is sure. It’s like suppressing a sneeze. For Lisa Wölfel, a good painting must be on the verge of bursting without exploding completely. It can be annoying, tickle, irritate. It can also be cute, cuddly, disgusting and striking.

If the picture fulfils what she expects to see, if it can surprise her even when she looks at it again, it is finished. An interplay of intuition and control determines the artist’s actions.

Lisa Wölfel participates in international exhibitions and fairs. The artist has been supported by numerous grants including the Liebelt Foundation Hamburg studio grant (2021/22), the City of Nuremberg project grant (2021) and the Denkzeit grant from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony (2020). Her works are in both public (VR-Bank Nuremberg, the city of Aschersleben, Hassberge district office, museum city of Skopje) and private collections (Hong Kong, Nuremberg, Paris, Leipzig, Hassberge, Munich).

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