Mirjam Kroker

With an academic background in Fine Arts/Culture and Social Anthropology, Mirjam Krokers works emerge in a transitory space between art, anthropology and the reality of life with tentacles in and out of different disciplines. Examining the entanglements between politics and poetics, personal actions and their liminal condition to approach art making as a form of living.  Commonly enacts gestural interventions— that resist the subjection of common space. The fusion between art making, living, thinking and being etc. is unconditionally inextricable. For the artist it implies basically two things – art as a conceptual idea and art as manifestations of gestures into the living. In doing so the material condition and visual instance are as important as the idea that each work/constellation conveys for the possibility of its (personal and impersonal) consequences. It leads to the agency of the work itself where conceptual ideas may lead to personal moves and vice versa and though becomes a manifestation of how you approach your planetary condition, and the entire cosmos as your library. 

Mirjam Krokers work was supported and recognised through various grants and fellowships such as Stiftung Kunstfonds (2022), Saxon state scholarship (2019/21), IFA research grant (2016), Austrian Research Society ÖFG (2013), STEP BEYOND travel grant (2016). She was supported through international artist-in-residence programs such as cultureland nl, Amsterdam and Örö Island Residency, Finland. 


Tandem Artist – Tora Aghabayova

Das Projekt “The Assembly of Friendship” wird gefördert durch das Auswärtige Amt im Rahmen des Programms “Ausbau der Zusammenarbeit mit der Zivilgesellschaft in den Ländern der Östlichen Partnerschaft und Russland”