Saxony in Dialogue – Call for Citizen Journalists

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Are you interested in the people in your neighbourhood, the life in your village or the work of your community? Do you have a sensor for the adversities and possibilities of life in the countryside and would you like to share your experiences and ideas with others?
Do you want to share what the “Wende” has achieved and what the past decades have brought to your region? Do you have your own opinion on politics, basic medical care, broadband expansion or the energy revolution in your community?
Do you want to discuss with others what home means today: idea or identity, place or language, utopia or rejection? Are you open-minded and curious, can you allow an exchange of opinions at eye level and listen to your counterpart without bias? Would you like to participate actively in the exchange about the different developments and challenges in urban and rural areas and thus improve the knowledge and understanding about each other? Ask questions and answer them together according to the motto “How do we want to live”?

Have you ever considered sharing all this with the world? Today, the Internet and especially the social media offer a multitude of possibilities to make one’s own views and stories accessible to a large network community beyond the established media in one’s own blogs or forums, to show the advantages and beauty of one’s own homeland or to initiate discussions, to point out problems or solutions. If you would like to learn to write, photograph, film or blog or if you already want to do so but want to improve your skills, our workshop is the right place for you.

In a three-day workshop in mid-November, you will learn the basics of journalism tools in writing, photography, videography and blogging. In the following months, you will deal with the developments and social topics in your region in a differentiated way.


Workshop Citizen Journalism

Part 1 – Workshop
Introduction to citizen journalism, workshops on writing, photography, filming and blogging.
Date: 14. – 17. November 2019
Location: Dresden

Part 2 – Research
Designing your own contributions on local or regional topics. You will receive accompanying advice from mentors.
Date: November 2019 – February 2020
Location: Home region

Part 3 – Presentation
Presentation of the project results at three events and in one exhibition.
Date: March2020
Location: Saxony

Your participation in the workshop is free of charge, as are board and lodging and travel expenses.

Registration deadline
Send your application with a short curriculum vitae, a half-page letter of motivation and one to three “journalistic” articles of your own (if available, no prerequisite for participation) by 10.10.2019 to

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Saxony in Dialogue tests innovative methods to (re-)activate a lively and controversial culture of conversation. Citizens from different communities enter into the inner-Saxon dialogue about everyday experiences and opinions on topics that are important for society as a whole. Two project modules (workshops, discussion events) contribute to creating encounters and exchanges between village and city dwellers from Saxony.

The project Saxony in Dialogue is supported by