Shahnaz Agayeva

Shahnaz was born in 1984 (Azerbaijan, Sumgayit) and started studying art at the art school in Sumgait when she was 14. In 2002-2006, she studied for a Bachelor degree and then in 2008-2010, defended her Master Degree at the State Art Academy of Azerbaijan. In 2013, she created a workshop for children’s creativity, which was awarded with international medals and diplomas throughout the celebration. In 2017, she joined the annual ARTIM Lab project organized by YARAT Contemporary Art Space, which played a key role in her art life. As she began to study feminism in terms of a concept that more broadly expanded her understanding of realization as a feminist artist. Since 2018, she have been a regular participant of the annual LIFESTYLE print Festival in Georgia as a contemporary artist. Her works were written on traditional and conceptual themes and were exhibited in different countries. In 2018, she was included in the list of exhibited artists of the Print Biennale Taiwan. In the same year, Shahnaz held her first personal exhibition “Essence” curated by Samira Sefi, followed by exhibitions in Paris in 2019 Chants d’amour, (Group show), Galerie Dix9 – Hélène Lacharmoise, curated by Azad Asifovich and then in 2020 Online group exhibition emerging Voise’s: Stories from isolation, Sapar Contemporary Art Space and Ta(r)dino 6 in New York. In 2020 she was participated in International Virtual Engravist Printmaking Biennale, Turkey, Istanbul. During the pandemic Shahnaz moved to Istanbul and continues her work from here.


Tandem Artist – Dana Berg

Das Projekt “The Assembly of Friendship” wird gefördert durch das Auswärtige Amt im Rahmen des Programms “Ausbau der Zusammenarbeit mit der Zivilgesellschaft in den Ländern der Östlichen Partnerschaft und Russland”