Shalala Salamzadeh

Shalala Salamzadeh is an artist and multidisciplinary designer based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In her works she explores the psychology of the individual in the digital age, computer technology and social problems of the cyber era. Her artistry encompasses digital art expressed through multimedia such as video, photography, and installations. As a result of her research in the field of computer sciences, Shalala has produced multimodal artworks through databending. Her work is a constant experiment and a search for methods that influence technology to expose it as a living object.

By joining the curatorial practice course of YARAT! Contemporary art space and curating the “Rebirth.exe” project in ARTIM project space, she created three digital installations and participated as an artist too. In 2018, she took part in “Think that everything that exists, does not exist” female group exhibition in YAY gallery, Baku. Continued her art activities being selected to a year-long ARTIM Lab project in 2018, she participated in various exhibitions with video and digital art, also practiced different digital experimenting workshops for students. Combining Azerbaijani poetry and generative art was main concept of her “Poetry of the Universe” video that was shown during the Nasimi festival at the same year.

In 2019, Shalala had part at various exhibitions of The Wrong Biennale from Azerbaijan and NEoN Digital Arts Festival of Scotland. Becoming a winner of ARTIM Lab project, she was a resident artist of YARAT! Contemporary art space and exhibited with the “Superposition” augmented reality installation. During 2020, artist took part in Contemporary & Digital Art Fair Online and Sapar Contemporary online exhibitions with video and artworks produced using artificial intelligence.

2021 has been started with taking part in the group exhibition in Bavan Gallery, Tehran, with the video art “Zurvan”. Also, she participated as an artist on the opening of Azerbaijan pavilion in The Wrong 2021-2022 Digital Art Biennale. Afterwards, participated in the exhibition, which was organized with the support of the Tardino6 art platform and the French Embassy, with an augmented reality installation and other works. | Instagram

Tandem Artist – Lisa Wölfel

Das Projekt “The Assembly of Friendship” wird gefördert durch das Auswärtige Amt im Rahmen des Programms “Ausbau der Zusammenarbeit mit der Zivilgesellschaft in den Ländern der Östlichen Partnerschaft und Russland”