Sustainable CreaCamp – participate now

From 27 to 29 September, the Association of Sustainable Development Experts in partnership with the German Association Kultur Aktiv invites young people working in cultural and creative industries to upgrade their projects in the field of environmental and social responsibility. As a result, students will make their first sustainable plan, and the top five will receive expert mentorship.

Während deDuring three days, the participants will understand:

  • Why sustainable development is an instrument for changes, but not a duty.
  • Why manage your environmental and social impacts. 
  • How sustainable decisions elaborate your creativity.
  • Why recycling tanks at the festival is not the apogee of sustainability.
  • How to defend your idea and be transparent.
  • What are a green publishing house and a green library?
  • What is the cost of the promotion without harm to the planet?
  • And what are the benefits of all this?

2021 is defined as the year of Creative & Cultural Industries in Sustainable Development at the 74th UN General Assembly. Every year, this sector generates $2250 million and provides more workplaces for young people than any other industry.

Christina Biliakovska, coordinator of the project in Ukraine

CreaCamp is an educational program for those building a cultural and creative industry and seeking interesting opportunities for innovations and development. It is for those who practice sustainable consumption, think about their impact on the environment and society, and are interested in global challenges. Without pointing fingers and radical slogans – we do not teach, we learn! You are flexible when you are sustainable! Let’s go to CreaCamp!

DThe program is open tofestival/concert managers, architects, managers of art spaces/galleries, people occupied in fashion, design, publishing, or library spheres from Ukraine and Germany. More than 1-year experience in the field, up to 35 years old, confident English, and a strong desire to grow!

111 lectures, 11 workshops, 20 speakers, 30 participants. The international community, panel discussion, a plan for sustainability, expert support, interesting acquaintances!

The participation is free, so the organizers will select only 30 applications! You do not have to go anywhere, the CreaCamp is onlineRegistration is on the website. The deadline is September 15.

The project is being implemented within the “Culture for Change” Program with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine) and The Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) (Berlin, Germany).