TRAINING “demoSlam – Dialogue format for understanding on site”

demoSlam in Saxony continues - and you can bring the format to your community and help shape it! What are the contentious issues that people in your area are concerned about?

for organisers and trainers in Baden-Württemberg and Saxony from March to November 2022

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Next steps

1 December 2021
17:00 – 18:30

Free workshop
We offer all those who are interested the opportunity to gain an insight and ask questions to the organisers online. Registration via

12 December 2021

Application deadline
Expressions of interest to senden

Mon – Fri 10:00 – 16:00

Contact for people interested from Saxony
Simon Wolf, 0351 8113755,

What are the contentious issues that occupy people’s minds on site?

The new entertaining discussion format demoSlam of “MAGNET – Workshop for Understanding” brings people with different opinions together instead of dividing them into camps. It offers an exchange beyond the pro and con logic of debates. demoSlam provides the appropriate tools to exchange about social issues in a different way, to be able to tolerate difference and to learn conflict skills anew. We practise disagreeing with each other.

From March 2022, we will start a demoSlam training for actors in Baden-Württemberg and Saxony in cooperation with MAGNET. You have the opportunity to become part of our lively network. We offer two qualification programmes for organisers and trainers. At the kick-off event, all participants will experience a demoSlam as slammers themselves. This experience forms the basis of the training, the content of which is then tailored to the respective needs.

Module 1: Training for demoSlam organisers

  • We are particularly looking for municipal employees or local civil society actors who already have experience in organising meeting formats and/or participation processes and would like to make them more constructive.
  • A team of two people from each municipality can apply, ideally mixed from municipalities and civil society.
  • They learn a format in which the people of their community learn to communicate – beyond the debate room and its confrontational dynamics – the basis for successful and effective participation and involvement.

Apart from organisational details, the process and specifics of attracting participants (especially building relationships and trust), the focus will be on communicating the approach of “dialogue instead of debate”, with the aim of attracting a broader target group from different “filter bubbles”, both among the slammers and the audience.

Module 2: Training for demoSlam trainers

  • As demoSlam trainers we are looking for people who have experience in dialogue work (e.g. facilitation, mediation, coaching, moderation) and want to learn new tools for dealing with conflicts.
  • Trainers can apply as a team from a municipality or individually.
  • With demoSlam, they learn an effective method for dealing with conflicts and expand their dialogue skills. In addition to the methodological basics and principles of the demoSlam format, a dialogical attitude in communicating about contentious issues and the difference to the debate approach will be taught. Furthermore, mediation principles, the entertainment factor in conflict-laden topics and best practices with examples from various demoSlams are included.

Ideally, the organiser and trainer teams should come from the same city/the same project. And we are especially happy to receive applications from border regions!

What is demoSlam?

In demoSlam, the participants first deal with lines of conflict in their points of view in a three-day preparatory workshop. We form pairs of people with different opinions. In a joint presentation, the pairs present both the differences and the commonalities of their views. They present the results in front of an audience: close to everyday life and personal, creative and entertaining. An equally important part of demoSlam is the exchange with the audience after the presentations. The audience are equal participants in the discussion – and place their experiences and views alongside those of the slammers. Instead of a question-and-answer discussion with the audience, we want to facilitate an open and appreciative discussion with a variety of perspectives – without classifying them as right or wrong.

The training programme (March to November 2022)

Participation is free of charge. Travel costs can be partially covered.

10 – 13 March 2022

Kick off

for trainers and organisers in Baden-Württemberg or Saxony

16 March – 25 May 2022

Online Sessions

For organisers

Dates individually according to the needs of the participants

Possible consulting contents

  • Project management: preparation and implementation of the demoSlam event
  • Stakeholder, network and community building
  • Public relations
  • Specifics of participant recruitment (narrative, relationship and trust building)
  • Preparation of the moderation demoSlam

For Trainers

5 sessions of 2 hours, every second Wednesday 16:00 – 18:00


  • Methodological basics and principles of the demoSlam format. Dialogue vs. debates
  • Mediation principles – Attitude in communication
  • Entertainment factor in conflict issues
  • Best & worst Case
  • Topic is open (possibly group work and group dynamics)

May/June until October 2022

Practice phase

  • Independent implementation of the demoSlams on site, with the support of the MAGNET expert team
  • 2 process-accompanying reflection meetings of all participants in connection with one visit each to a demoSlam on site in Saxony and Baden-Württemberg.

17 – 20 November 2022

Evaluation and network meetings

Three-day evaluation meeting for trainers in Baden-Württemberg or Saxony (participation optional for organisers)

When we think differently, we have a lot to talk about!

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