23.10.2021 – Workshop day

Making memories visible – many works are not yet ready. Mahsa has prepared everything well. The material from the whole project is ready. And, of course, coffee and tea.

Inge is working on her memory booklet. Concentrating, she writes a little story about her life – the retraining after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Laura has an idea. She creates a linocut with the help of Moussa Mbarek. A red boat on the sea – her father was at sea for three years. Because of the NVA. She sticks the print into the notebook, the first page of her family memoir. Wolfgang and Verena finish their masks. Wolfgang thinks about masks. Did everyone wear masks in the GDR era? He denies it. Life was simply like that. Collages are created. From Rita, the KGB. It had its hands everywhere. From Mahsa, the theme of angels. Janina Kracht brought her shaped stone elements. On paper and as 3D plaster stone cubes. Some are working on it. Wolfgang designs an NVA cube. Highly concentrated work. Much laughter. The final round is amazed: Is this the last event already?

The project Treffpunkt ostZONE. Remember and Shape is funded by the House of Resources Dresden +. This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament within the framework of the state program Integrative Measures.