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The focus continues to be on the three activities around which yOUR Community has developed: monthly meetings and hikes/excursions into the Dresden countryside, as well as a weekly dance and gymnastics class. This year, the artistic workshop series “Hidden Places in Me” on free drawing will be added.

About the project

Meetings (July-December 2021)
Regular meetings (once a month) have become very popular in the past years to introduce new people to the project, to get to know each other and to learn from each other, to strengthen the group dynamics in general. The participants bring their own ideas and topic requests to the open meetings. This not only strengthens the sense of community, but also (socio-cultural) opportunities for participation, commitment and the participants’ own initiative. While cooking, making music or playing games together, questions of everyday life, intercultural exchange and integration are discussed. Frequent topics are: culinary and musical preferences, cultural and religious diversity using practical examples, politics and democratic values, residence problems, language courses, housing or internships and work. Thematic excursions (e.g. Contemporary History Forum Leipzig, Military History Museum Dresden) complement the offer.

16.07.2021 | 18:00 Welcome back! - Open meeting
23.07.2021 | 17:00 Open meeting on the Elbe River
27.08.2021 | 17:00 Art workshop with Anika Raaz
17.09.2021 | 17:00 Elbe picnic and visit "Hanse hoch 3"
22.10.2021 | 17:00 Integrative cooking evening
26.11.2021 | 18:00 Open meeting - GDR time in Dresden Unfortunately cancelled
17.12.2021 | 18:00 Final meeting Unfortunately cancelled

18:00 Vernissage LebensBILD. bioGrafische Begegnungen

Hikes/Excursions (July-December 2021)
Die regelmäßigen Ausflüge (1x im Monat) dienen dazu, die unmittelbare Umgebung Dresdens, zum Beispiel die sächsische Schweiz, das Osterzgebirge, Meißen und Regionen darüber hinaus kennenzulernen. Die Wanderungen sind als Natur- und Sozialraumerkundungen konzipiert, d.h. die Teilnehmer erfahren bei jeder Veranstaltung Details aus Regional- und sächsischer Landesgeschichte, Gesellschaft und Kultur, heimische Flora und Fauna usw. Ein zentraler, gemeinschaftsbildender Aspekt ist das gemeinsame Picknick. Nicht zu unterschätzen sind die kleinen, unbefangenen Gespräche, die während eines Ausflugs stattfinden und oft zu weiteren persönlichen Begegnungen und auch Freundschaften führen.

18.07.2021 | 08:00 Excursion to Leipzig
28.08.2021 | 09:30 Hike through the Dresden Heide
25.09.2021 | 11:00 Hike east of Dresden
23.10.2021 | 10:30 Mushroom hike
13.11.2021 | 11:00 Hike in the Schönfeld Highlands
04.12.2021 | 11:00 Hike Moritzburg Unfortunately cancelled

Art workshop “Hidden Places in Me” (September-December 2021)
The art course offers the opportunity to get to know the technique of free drawing on 12 dates. The playful handling of the material graphite and the paper can be conquered by means of concrete questions. The course contains several thematic parts. This is how personal cloud pictures are created. The stubbornness of the line is examined. You can smile when basic forms such as the dot, the line as a structure or the surface tell a story. A portrait is created from the gut and to discover the structures of the trees we go directly into the heath.
The course also offers space for personal exchange within the group.

22.09.-01.12.2021 | on Wednesdays, 17:00 Art workshop “Hidden Places in me”

Dance, gymnastics and relaxation (weekly course, July-December 2021)
Through joint sporting activities and relaxation in a friendly family atmosphere, the community is to be strengthened again this year. In addition to active movement and relaxation as a balance to the often hectic everyday life, lifestyle, strengthening self-esteem, healthy nutrition and dealing with each other are central topics. Petra Kiesewetter, who contributes her many years of experience in the field of natural as well as holistic healing and health methods, will be in charge of the instruction.

06.07.-21.12.2021 | on Tuesdays, 18:30 Dance, gymnastics and relaxation

yOUR Community 2021

Encounters, movement and cultural education for intercultural togetherness.



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