yOUR Community – Introducing an intercultural theatre club

Starting 04 March 2019, theatre pedagogue and DAF teacher Anja Dellner invites every Monday to the Intercultural Theatre Club – a new programme item in this year’s yOUR Community Project.

During the first six weeks, the Intercultural Theatre Club will pursue an open concept. Anyone can come by, join in, try it out. During this time, the participants get to know themselves as well as the methods of acting through games of getting to know each other, movement and improvisation. Rhythm and movement exercises in particular will play an important role in overcoming language barriers non-verbally.

In a second phase, the theatre club will be ‘closed’, i.e. a now fixed group of participants who can and wants to commit themselves to a common play development and later performance will continue to work from this point. One or more self-chosen themes of the participants will be transformed step by step into a piece using methods of creative writing, improvisation, field research and dance elements, which will be presented to the audience at the end of the course.

The primary focus of the theatre club is the encounter and exchange between native Dresdeners and newcomers – whether from Castrop-Rauxel, Wroclaw or Calcutta. Anja Dellner knows how to report: “I often hear from the participants in my German as a foreign language courses that they lack contact with Germans and that they want more of it. Contact is the prerequisite for arriving somewhere, for feeling accepted and at home. And for us locals, contact with people who come to us is just as enriching, because they bring so much cultural wealth from their home countries. For this reason I look forward to an instructive time with lots of fun.”

The Theaterclub meets every Monday from 04 March to 17 June 2019 from 6 pm at Interrobang, Kamenzer Straße 13, 01099 Dresden.