yOUR Community – The year comes to an end

Before we also disappear into the holidays and the time between the years, there is still a small overview of the last events of yOUR Community: meetings, hikes and dance & gymnastics from October to December 2018.

Stories and reflections in community

In October, a creative workshop was offered with the professional support of Hana Sebestova for illustration and Sarah Rehm (writing workshop Tell Your Truth) for creative writing. Under the concept MEMORY ALIVE – Stories of Dresden Community the participants collected their memories and stories about childhood, leaving home and wishes for the future. Only two weeks later we invited to the vernissage during the next meeting. Illustrated memories and stories will be on display in the foyer of the DIFO – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung until the beginning of January 2019. On the same evening as the opening of the exhibition, we also started to create an online photo Advent calendar. From 1 to 24 December 2018, a personal greeting from our project participants will be posted every day in the Facebook group K9 Activity. As an end and as a thank you for all the beautiful moments and the many helping hands there was a big Christmas party with Christmas tree, Lavash and Spekulatius, Daal and Stollen, Slavic accordion music and oriental dances.

All meetings took place at our cooperation partners of the DIFO – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung.

Excursions to Saxon Switzerland and Osterzgebirge

The last sweaty hike in late autumn led on a circular trail from Schmilka – to Schmilka. If you believe some of the participants, the Mayor of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert, was also on the way in Saxon Switzerland on this day. Since the days became increasingly shorter, the trip led in November to a cultural-historical classic – fortress Königstein. There we experienced insights into the eventful Saxon-European history and enjoyed the view over the Elbsandsteingebirge. The last hike of the year led a small group of hardcore outdoor enthusiasts to Osterzgebirge. On the Kohlhau hilltop – near Geising/Altenberg – an icy wind blew, but we defied it with hot drinks.

First tighten, then relax

Every Monday Petra Kiesewetter invited to our cooperation partners from the Diakonie Dresden to the refugee shelter K9 to do some croaking together. Petra manages to find the right balance between physical activity and relaxation during each lesson. Her strategy: a combination of gymnastics and yoga, dance and free movement as well as the teaching of holistic meditation and breathing techniques.

We will continue next year!

yOUR Community Flyer 2019 © Christin Finger

Look forward with us to next year. After a short break we will be back for joint activities from March 2019. At the encounter meetings we will again have various creative and playful offers ready for you. In addition to the well-known formats, there will also be a theatre workshop in the first half of the year. And when the district meets for the Bunte Republik Neustadt (June) or the Neustadt Art Festival (September), we will also be there. Next year hikes and excursions will take us not only to Saxon Switzerland but also to Leipzig, where we will meet the initiative ‘Willkomen in Leipzig’, and to an eco-farm, where we will be shown how a farm is run far away from the big agricultural industry. Or how about a paddle trip on the river Elbe? Are you looking for relaxation in addition to these offers? Then Petra invites you to join her dance and gymnastics course at K9 every Monday at 7 p.m. starting in January.

We are looking forward to a new year with you, exciting activities and experiences, lots of laughter and joy. Until then, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you again when spring arrives!