City walk "Neustadt between Hanoi and Havana"

City walk “Neustadt between Hanoi and Havana”

18. May 2024
15:00 - 18:00
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Albertplatz (vor dem CÔDÔ Restaurant)
Alaunstraße 1, 01099 Dresden, Germany

ostZONE – Workshops, talks with contemporary witnesses and city walks to accompany the exhibition Revolutionary Romances – Global Art Histories in the GDR at the Albertinum

What was everyday life like for contract workers or international students in the GDR? How do artists express themselves in repressive systems?

The contract workers, international trainees and students who arrived during the GDR era are living here in the second and third generation. Their history and present are not present. This is where ostZONE comes in: we offer space for questions and joint remembrance – different life paths in GDR history come into conversation. The Albertinum becomes a place of encounter!

City walk “Neustadt between Hanoi and Havana”

with Hung Cao The and Pham Van Ngoc

Meeting point: in front of the CÔDÔ Restaurant (Albertplatz)

We meet former contract workers from Vietnam and Cuba and discover new perspectives on this colourful part of town. Who came and stayed? What are the stories behind today’s shops, restaurants and bars?

Come by!

In the ostZONE we ask and remember together. In an exchange between generations and cultures about the past and present, we want to get to know and share experiences: intergenerational and intercultural, from former contract workers (e.g. from Vietnam or Mozambique), from people who have moved here since 1989 (e.g. from Libya or Mexico), from people from Dresden with and without a GDR background.

The project ostZONE is a cooperation with the ethnologist Dr. Verena Böll and Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD).

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