Closing exhibition "zusammen.HALT"

Closing exhibition “zusammen.HALT”

13. December 2023
18:00 - 21:00
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Bautzner Straße Dresden Memorial
Bautzner Straße 112a, 01099 Dresden, Germany

zusammen.HALT: Final exhibitions in Dresden, Prague and Gdańsk !

The exhibition zusammen.HALT presents the project and its results from two and a half years of mediating GDR history for young people in a final show and presents it to the public in Dresden, Gdansk and Prague. In the zusammen.HALT project, young people were able to meet contemporary witnesses, hear their stories and discover historical places. Some new methods were used, for example, workshops with role play, citizen journalism, mail art and slam.

In Dresden the final exhibition of the project zusammen.HALT takes place on Wednesday, 13th December 2023 at the Bautzner Straße Dresden Memorial (Bautzner Straße No. 112a, 01099 Dresden/DE). The project partners from the Bautzner Straße Dresden Memorial and Kultur Aktiv are looking forward to a joint meeting on the topic of communist history and welcome those involved and partners:

  • Katja Meier (Saxon State Minister of Justice and for Democracy, Europe and Gender Equality)
  • Annekatrin Klepsch (Second Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Culture, Science and Tourism of the State Capital Dresden)
  • Dr. Anna Kaminsky (Director of the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany) and
  • Jörg Kubiessa (State Police President of the Free State of Saxony)

Our international and regional cooperation partners will be present as well:

Slam poetry with Kaddi Cutz and music by DJ Franzman will provide great entertainment, while a buffet of tasty treats will cater for your culinary needs.



The project zusammen.HALT is run by the Bautzner Straße Memorial and in cooperation with Kultur Aktiv. It is funded by the federal programme “Jugend erinnert” (Youth Remembers) to come to terms with the injustices of the GDR and will run until the end of 2023.

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