21. December 2023
18:00 - 20:00
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Galerie nEUROPA
Bautzner Straße 49, 01099 Dresden, Germany

What drives us? Art and culture in war

To mark the premiere of the contemporary dance piece “Cossachka”, Vira and Thomas Dumke travelled to Kyiv in early December to talk to artist friends and activists about their current situation and visit contemporary art exhibitions. What are the current themes of contemporary art production in Ukraine? What motivates artists to get involved in humanitarian aid activities in addition to maintaining their livelihoods?

We ourselves ask ourselves for whom contemporary art is actually made? Can we talk about art from the Caucasus and East-Central Europe while there is war in Europe? Which audience is capable of imaginatively translating the references and inner logics of international contemporary art into meaningful life experiences for themselves?

What moves you?

Salon Jerewan
“Russian Rocket”, Zhanna Kadyrowa

The works of the artist and sculptor Zhanna Kadyrova were created as a direct reaction to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. They are an expression of civil resistance and artistic defence in the face of military violence.

Salon Jerewan
“House of Culture, 2023”, Zhanna Kadyrova

Kadyrova (*1981, Browary, Ukraine) works with various media such as photography, painting, drawing, video and performance, whereby her mosaic sculptures in particular have made her famous worldwide. She is a member of the group REP (Revolution Experimental Space), which was founded in Ukraine in 2004 during the Orange Revolution.

Salon Jerewan
On 3 December, the performance “Cossachka” by the dance company Procontemporary celebrated its premiere at the Kyiv Opera House. The production is a combination of dance and visual art, live singing and electronic music.

Ukrainian women today take part in the defence of the country in various, often stereotypically “male” roles. Does this mean that a woman’s strength lies in taking on masculine characteristics? The directors of the dance company Procontemporary are convinced that the truth is more complex and explore the image of women through art. They refer to the image of the “Kosachkas” – semi-mythical warrior women who lived in the 3rd/4th century BC in what is now Ukraine. The Kosachkas were a tribe of free women who carried weapons, took part in battles and defended their freedom. Their distinctive mark was a long plait.

Once a month, the nEUROPA gallery becomes Salon Yerevan: a spot for people interested in Eastern Europe. Whether you are a specialist or an expert in everyday life, a cultural worker or a film lover … we are curious to hear what is on your mind at the moment!

Have you always wanted to know who is behind Kultur Aktiv? Are you looking for a way to get involved? Are you looking for like-minded people for your next trip to Eastern Europe? Are you interested in what Kultur Aktiv is currently working on? You have an idea of your own, but the final touch or the contact to the Eastern European artist is still missing?

Come to the Salon Yerevan! Bring your friends! Meet other Eastern European enthusiasts over snacks and drinks! Samovar and Pivo are ready. We look forward to seeing you!

Of course, the Salon visit is also a good opportunity for all those who cannot make it to the current exhibition during the day.

The idea for the “Salon Jerewan” series of events arose within the framework of the process funding “Profil: Soziokultur”. Supported by the Fonds Soziokultur with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.

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