Workshop "My Neighbourhood" as guest at Westhangfest

Workshop “My Neighbourhood” as guest at Westhangfest

10. June 2023
11:00 - 18:00
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Leutewitzer Ring 35, 01169 Dresden, Germany

 Neighbourhoods are everywhere – we are right in the middle of it. With district walks, conversations in the green, creative workshops, exhibitions and much more.

Neighbourhoods live not only from the local people, but also from the buildings and places. The residential buildings, streets, schools and much more shape the image of our neighbourhoods. But does it always have to stay that way? Is it possible to do things differently?

Do I live in the place that feels right to me? Where would I most like to be? What can I change about my environment? Do I feel comfortable in my neighbourhood? If so, what is special about it? If not, what does my dream neighbourhood look like?

These are questions that many people ask themselves! In our biography workshops you can therefore deal with these topics in a creative way and in conversation with other people from the neighbourhood.

Workshop series “My Neighbourhood – Between Wish and Reality”

Together we build very personal “city objects”. The material basis is old packaging (cardboard boxes, tetra-paks, cans, etc.), which will be redesigned in an upcycling way. The focus is on your stories and wishes, your living environment, the neighbourhood, the district!

And the best thing is: the finished houses, facades, squares, etc. don’t just remain for themselves. You can put these “buildings” together to form a common “city view”, which will be presented in an exhibition at the end of the year.

Be part of it and shape your and our city with your own hands. Build your dream house – the place where you would like to live!

15th Westhangfest

The Westhangfest has been a district festival in Dresden Gorbitz since 2007. The informal, cosy and multi-faceted Westhangfest – organised by various Gorbitz actors – is visited by more than 7,500 guests every year. This year the motto of the Westhangfest is “Gorbitz cooks! So come along and discover the culinary diversity of Gorbitz and let yourself be surprised by national and international dishes and cooking delights.

For more information on the festival, visit the Club Passage website at or EWG Dresden at

Das Projekt Dresdner Nachbarschaften – sichtbar, vernetzt, engagiert! wird gefördert durch das Staatsministerium für Soziales und Gesellschaftlichen zusammenhalt. Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert mit Steuermitteln auf Grundlage des vom Sächsischen Landtag beschlossenen Haushaltes im Rahmen des Landesprogrammes Integrative Maßnahmen.


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