Saxony in Dialogue – demoSlam in Nebelschütz cancelled

No demoSlam in the Oberlausitz

With a heavy heart we have decided to cancel the demoSlam event on 14.03.2020 in Nebelschütz. Together with our cooperation partner – the municipality of Nebelschütz – we see it as our duty and responsibility to avoid risks caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Even if we expected far fewer than 100 people in the audience at the event, it is not advisable to let the event take place because of the origin of the participants and the audience (Saxony-wide) and the nature of the event (duration of stay of the participants and the audience of two hours, expected close contact in the audience, unsecured traceability of the visitors).

A possible catch-up date for the event cannot be guaranteed at the present time. We will report on new decisions in due course.

Further information and recommendations for action

State of Saxony
Decree on dealing with major events

State capital Dresden
General ruling
Risk assessment for organizers

Our tips for dialogues in quarantine

In the meantime, it should be noted that dialogue can of course take place without publicity. As our slammers have already recommended at the demoSlam in Dresden: if you are in quarantine, try to find a dialogue partner with whom you suspect a lot of controversy. Now is the time to talk it all out.

Our tips for exciting and successful communication in quarantine:

  • Try on each other’s shoes.
  • Before you react, make sure that you yourself have understood exactly WHAT the other person meant.
  • Beware of trigger words! They often trick us and quickly steer conversations into a dead end.

Ready? Then start your dialogue right away by letting each of you talk each other out for three minutes without interrupting the other and only thinking of counter-arguments. You now have time for exchange, we wish you many insightful conversations!

Saxony in Dialogue tests innovative methods to (re-)activate a lively and controversial culture of conversation. Citizens from different communities enter into the inner-Saxon dialogue about everyday experiences and opinions on topics that are important for society as a whole. Two project modules (workshops, discussion events) contribute to creating encounters and exchanges between village and city dwellers from Saxony.

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