Stimmen (Voices)

47 Stories of Dresden Women in Words and Pictures

Elena Pagel and Nazanin Zandi

LebensBILD (2020)
Frauenstimmen in Bildern (Women’s voices in pictures) (2021)
Projektträger: Kultur Aktiv e.V.

Book: Daniela Veit, Dresden
Cover: Daniela Veit, Dresden using an illustration by Effi Mora


  • German (Editing: Adrienne Heilbronner, Sandstein Verlag)
  • Persian (translation: Mahsa Alizadeh; editing: Marjan Zokaie)
  • Russian (translation: Robert Faber; proofreading: Tatjana Jurakowa)
  • Arabic (translation: Hala Alshehawi; proofreading: Dr. Ameer Al-Nakkash)
  • Italian (translation: Nazanin Zandi, Rosa Brockelt; proofreading: Rosa Brockelt, Stefania Milazzo)
  • Spanish (translation: Ella P.; proofreading: Vanessa Bravo)
  • French (translation: Kristina Britt Reed; proofreading: Tiphaine Cattiau)

Project management Sandstein Verlag
Christine Jäger-Ulbricht, Simone Antonia Deutsch

© 2021 Sandstein Verlag
ISBN 978-3-95498-659-0
1st Edition 2022


Greeting by Kristina Winkler, Integration and Foreigners’ Commissioner of the City of Dresden
Greeting by Dr. Alexandra-Kathrin Stanislaw-Kemenah, Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the City of Dresden
Introduction by Dr. Verena Böll
History of the creation of the book by Nazanin Zandi

47 Stories of Dresden Women in Words and Pictures – the Tandems

Childhood memories
Mother’s Rules at Home (Hala Alshehawi & Anne Rosinski)
The School (Hedwig Liebert & Ines Hofmann)
The Sunscreen (Kristina Britt Reed & Effi Mora)
The Escape (Uta Rolland)
The Fashion Show (Margarita Ohngemach & KENDIKE Henrike Terheyden)
Grandma’s Toothache (Petra Wilhelm)
Glass Marbles (Sylvia F. & Paula Huhle)
In the playpen (Angela & Nazanin Zandi)
Back when the stuffed animal lost its head (Anna Alice Anzelini & Rosa Brockelt)
Alfredino (Nazanin Zandi & Johanna Failer)
Thread Games (Fereshteh Rafieian & Paula Huhle)

Childhood fears
Of Mice and Watermelons (Zahra Arab & Annette von Bodecker)
The Cockroach (Fereshteh Rafieian & Nadine Wölk)
The Giant Wolfmen (Alaleh Mirhajivarzaneh & Xenia Gorodnia)
Babajka (Elena Pagel & Ines Hofmann)
Summer at Grandma’s (Katharina Schmidt & Yini Tao)
The fire spirit Eckeneckepenn (Uta Rolland)
The Four Elements (Julia Giese & Anne Rosinski)
War Events Far from the Front (Uta Grahn-Jentsch & Susanne Schrader)
The Fear of the Donkey (Mahsa Alizadeh & Annij Zielke)
The Gap (Ella P.)

Childhood pranks
Carnival on New Year’s Eve (Elena Pagel & Susanne Schrader)
Bye-bye youth time! (Shima Zenouri & Luisa Stenzel)
The Wrong Colour (Leila Seied & Mahsa Alizadeh)
Peter the Cat (Christiane Zeidler & Elena Pagel)
Nettles are Good (Juli Weg & Anne Ibelings)
The Water Pitcher (Hala Alshehawi & Luisa Stenzel)
The Wardrobe (Rodina Jomaah & Annij Zielke)

Youth and first love
The Story of My Driving Licence (Leila Seied & Effi Mora)
My Faithful Lipstick (Petra Wilhelm & Yini Tao)
Track Crossings into the Sunset (Katharina Schmidt & Anja Maria Eisen)
Disaster Date (Anett Lentwojt & Antje Dennewitz)
My Most Terrible Night of All Holidays (Christiane Zeidler & Daniela Veit)
Of Horses and People (Uta Grahn-Jentsch & Johanna Failer)
Dean Reed – my first love (Margarita Ohngemach & Liane Hoder)
Three Girlfriends and a Man (Sara Zolghadr & Anja Maria Eisen)

Dresden Encounters
The Neighbour in the Plattenbau (M. Asa & Antje Dennewitz)
Job Centre Dresden (Viktoriya Burlak & Alma Weber)
Sauna visit with continuation (Juli Weg & Rosa Brockelt)
The Old Girl (Inge F. & Nazanin Zandi)
Cultural Surprises (Ella P.)
AnsichtZIEHsache (Anett Lentwojt & Elena Pagel)
Attention: Tram Control! (Viktoriya Burlak & Xenia Gorodnia)
The Adventures of a Little Green Backpack (Milla N. & Annette von Bodecker)
A short detour (Rosa Brockelt & Liane Hoder)
From Ballet to Love (Tatiana Korneva & Alma Weber)
Bench Neighbours (Sylvia F. & Daniela Veit)

About the intercultural project “LebensBILD. bioGrafische Begegnungen”

Sketches from the comic courses
The illustrators
Course participants as illustrators
The editors

Supporters and sponsors

In 2021 the project was supported by House of Resources Dresden+, the Dresden Art & Culture Foundation of the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, the Office for Culture and Monument Protection and the Mayor’s Office of the State Capital Dresden.

This project was supported with funds from the “Kreativ Bootser” matching fund of Wir gestalten Dresden – Branchenverband der Dresdner Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft e.V. and the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the State Capital Dresden. This project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Free State of Saxony as part of the federal and state excellence strategy.