Women’s voices in pictures – a comic book project

© Elena Pagel

Initiated by the artists Elena Pagel and Nazanin Zandi and the result of three years of project work with Dresden artists and authors with and without a migration background living in Dresden, a collection of professional illustrated stories in comic/graphic novel style was created.

About the project

Die seThe very autobiographical, honest and humorous picture stories provide an insight into life moments of women with very different origins, religions and languages.

The book is an artistic statement for an open and tolerant society. As a creative contribution to political education, it also provides a broad insight into the current scene of professional female graphic artists in Dresden. The diverse illustrations emphasise with great intercultural competence the diversity of the stories and texts that appear in the book in the original language and in German translation.

The 47 stories were created as part of the project LebensBILD. bioGrafische Begegnungen and are illustrated by renowned Dresden illustrators such as Anja Maria Eisen, Anne Ibelings, Annette von Bodecker, Elena Pagel, Kendike, Ines Hofmann, Nazanin Zandi, Yini Tao, Alma Weber, Luisa Stenzel and many more.

With the publication of the book, an important cultural contribution is made for Dresden, which makes a rapprochement and mutual understanding of different population groups possible.

The book will be used as an example in cultural education and integration work with children and young people.

07.09.2021 - 26.09.2021 | LebensBILD. Exhibition in central library Vernissage 07. September 2021, 18:00
28.09.2021 | Book launch of the comic book project

Women’s voices in pictures

A comic book project

© Elena Pagel



Project participants
Janina Kracht (Project management)
Elena Pagel and Nazanin Zandi (Design and content concept, editorship and public relations)

Supported by


The project is supported by the House of Resources Dresden+, the Dresden Art & Culture Foundation of the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, the Office for Culture and Monument Protection and the Mayor’s Office of the State Capital Dresden.