Winterreisen 2023

Traditional series of presentations in a Neustadt pub on the travel experiences of Kulturaktivist:innen

Winterreisen is a project series with a long tradition. In order to bring some summery atmosphere back into the cold winter, we invite you to a total of eleven weekly travel lectures in the Neustadt pub Veränderbar at the beginning of the year. The speakers report on their travels to the most diverse countries. Stories and pictures immerse the audience in the travel experiences. Our experience shows that the lecture series is a wonderful way to bring different groups of people together and always provides discussion material and inspiration for your own travels or projects.

Presentation dates


Traditional series of lectures in a Neustadt pub on travel experiences by Kulturaktivist:innen. Winterreisen are an annual project of Kultur Aktiv.


Project coordination
John Wegbahn

Cooperation partners
Art der Kultur