Kunst im Dialog – Biographical short films and dialogue walks

Come along to the countryside with Sachsen im Dialog in October 2021. Experience artistic short films and exciting hikes in Königstein, Oschatz and Nebelschütz!

Kunst im Dialog enters its second round this year. In 2020, artistic interventions were the focus alongside dialogue walks. This time, we are devoting ourselves to biographical short films on breaks and bridges in industrial culture in Saxony.

Bridges and breaks? What exactly are we talking about?

Even after more than 30 years since the peaceful revolution and reunification, the consequences are still far from being dealt with. For many people, the period after reunification led to individual breaks in their biographies with effects that continue to this day. In other places, however, continuities or new ideas created bridges with promising perspectives for the future. This is precisely what selected artists in the communities of Königstein, Oschatz and Nebelschütz are dealing with.

As with the debut of Kunst im Dialog 2020, walking tours will take place at the three locations. The life stories portrayed in the films will be integrated into these and give the participants the opportunity to actively participate in the dialogue. Of course, a screening of the films at the end is not to be missed. Curious? Great! You’ll soon find out more about the artists who transform their perspectives into moving images. And we can already say: Make a note of October 23, 2021. This is the day when the first 2021 Dialogue Walk of Kunst im Dialog will begin in Königstein.

Kunst im Dialog

“Kunst im Dialog” wants to create space for encounters and an exchange of opinions at eye level that can counter prevailing conflicts and protect and strengthen the social context. People are to be brought into conversation and the rural perspective given a voice.

For this purpose, biographical short films and dialogue walks with local citizens will take place in three rural communities – Königstein, Nebelschütz and Oschatz.

07.2021 – 12.2021

Procect coordination
Marcus Oertel (project management)

Procest partners
Werkstatt 26
E-Werk Oschatz
Steinleicht e.V.