Kunst im Dialog – What’s behind it?

The project Sachsen im Dialog continues and gets an extension: Kunst im Dialog!
Stone land art on Slavic burial mound (Picture © M. Oertel)

The project Sachsen im Dialog continues and gets an extension: Kunst im Dialog!

Together with our local partners, we want to create space for encounters and an exchange of views at eye level that helps overcome conflicts and can strengthen social cohesion. People are to be brought into conversation and rural perspectives in Saxony are to be given greater consideration.

For this purpose, artistic interventions and walks with local citizens will take place in Königstein, Nebelschütz and Oschatz in October 2020. The artistic interventions are implemented by one artist each in public or publicly accessible space. Group walking tours also take place on site, address local issues, and incorporate the presentation of artistic interventions:

The long shadow of Wismut in Königstein

23.10.2021 | Festung Königstein, Königstein

Lausitzer Granitabbau

23.04.2022 | Parkplatz Nebelschütz, Nebelschütz

Artistic interventions and walks are developed together with local partners and local people and deal with the topic of dialogue 30 years after the Peaceful Revolution and reunification in terms of content.

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Cooperation partners

Königstein – Werkstatt 26 / weltbewusst e.V.

Oschatz – Sociocultural center E-Werk Oschatz

Nebelschütz – Art and culture organization Steinleicht e.V.

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