Nebelschütz – a village of the future

Much has already been reported about Nebelschütz. A village of the future, a community in a spirit of optimism, eager to experiment and full of ideas – but also with a long history. During our dialogue hike as part of Kunst im Dialog, hikers were able to experience the past, present and future live in the best spring weather. Thomas Noack, a permaculture expert who is very active and committed in the Sorbian village, led us along the Jauer River from Nebelschütz to the district of Miltitz and on to the quarry lake “Am Krabatstein”. This destination was no coincidence, because here we gained insights into the work of the Steinleicht e.V. association, which has transformed the former granite quarry into a socio-cultural centre for art, encounters and permaculture.How the community of Nebelschütz/ Njebjelcicy changed after the Peaceful Revolution and the end of granite quarrying in West Lusatia was then illustrated by the short film “Der Um/Bruch”. The work of filmmaker Ingo Morgenstern was presented to the public for the first time in the wonderful barn of the Neumann family in Miltitz.

In “Der Um/Bruch”, Nebelschütz is used as an example to show how the former quarry industry ended after reunification. But new impulses and approaches to using the old quarry emerged. In the 30-minute film, Gerhard Lilge, an expert on the history of the granite industry, talks to Norbert Schäfrig, a resident, about how the former quarry developed. Thomas Zschornak, mayor of Nebelschütz, also has his say in “Der Um/Bruch” and describes the developments of recent years, including the opening of a Sorbian kindergarten, cooperation with research institutions and newly founded start-ups.The film was the ideal breeding ground for a lively discussion after the screening. Participants spoke at great length with the film’s protagonists present and the “Sachsen im Dialog”-team about the differences between the GDR era and today, the importance of education, the lines of conflict in the village community and the necessity of doing things together. It was an engaged and open dialogue, but not always conducted in this way between everyone in the community. For here, too, dissatisfactions have arisen in the last few years, conflicts make an open dialogue, however, is not always conducted in this way between everyone in the community. Here, too, dissatisfaction has arisen in recent years, and conflicts make an open dialogue between the camps necessary. And this was felt by all those involved.

Nevertheless – an exciting film and a successful day in Nebelschütz! For us from Sachsen im Dialog, one thing is clear: we will gladly come again. Because one thing was clear from the discussion after the film: dialogue will continue to be important in Nebelschütz in the future.

photos: Matthias Schumann