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An experience in felt-tip pen territory: three Kapa plates and a hidden object picture are created on a September afternoon in a Neustadt backyard.

Text: Falk Goernert · Photos: Yvonn Spauschus

A testimony at Dresdner Nachbarschaften, recorded by three Kapa plates on 2 September 2023 in a Neustadt backyard during the transition from afternoon to early evening.

Workshop Neustadt - Dresdner Nachbarschaften © Y. Spauschus

It is recorded how about ten adults and three children in loose clothing gather around a provisionally prepared table – the mobile table tops placed on wooden trestles as an immediate drawing background. Now please introduce a cheerful, multi-voiced laughter: from the left, from opposite…; short word interventions and questions in the round, spontaneous brainstorming and chains of associations to Dresden city images – the city as a hidden object. And take this drive with you and read the following breathlessly.

In the middle of Dresden’s northwest near the Elbe: a man(?) in a cocktail glass, with his right leg stretched out lasciviously, alcoholic sparkling water under his butt; the cigarette as a gesture of grandeur – or perhaps it is quite different after all? In the immediate vicinity, a bench for passers-by that eats trousers. In the sky, in almost obligatory Dresden-Saxon exuberance, the slogan of the French Revolution is simply transformed and incorporated – brothers in the belly or Eierschecke for all! A little way up the Elbe, we encounter a group of expressive demonstrators with promising and powerful gestures. The cautious practice of walking across the water, which has been tried and tested elsewhere, is commonplace here and the message bears witness to a well-developed historical consciousness. Along the way, the Blaues Wunder has turned into a chameleon and cloned itself several times along the Elbe. And where it teems, there is murmuring, whispering and shouting. Kitsch Meee if you can… And in between, postcodes ghost through the pictorial space in their own geographical logic and ensure (dis)order; just as it should be for the mapping of a city. And the roller coaster of emotions turns its loops and, as a consolation, the Eierschecke – there it is again – creeps up as a sign of abundance and slowness and reminds us of our corporeality. Immediately followed by a golden stollen baker’s boy crowning a prefabricated building and a carp to enjoy the day. In good old Super Mario style, there’s an extra life on top for his rabble-rouser. And connecting body and soul, we catch sight of the Free Cookie Culture, a (new) free alternative religious movement accompanied by little Keith Haring nackedeis. Perhaps they, too, have their ears on the track of history and are listening, as it were, to the Banda or – depending on how you look at it – the Staatskapelle. And on we go through the felt pen area.

Workshop Neustadt - Dresdner Nachbarschaften © Y. Spauschus

Dresdner Nachbarschaften – sichtbar, vernetzt, engagiert!

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