Encounters in the neighbourhood café

For the second time, the Dresdner Nachbarschaften will be visiting the Malteser's Prohlis meeting point, where an open neighbourhood café is held every Thursday. The regular programme includes a German regulars' table and help from the authorities, where visitors are supported in answering letters or making applications.

Text: Rosa Brockelt

Today I meet two people from Venezuela for the first time: Nancy has only been in Germany for three months and moved here because of her daughter and grandson. Both live in the centre of Dresden. Rafael has been living here a little longer and tells me about the Venezuelan community. “It’s only been about three years that Venezuelans have been coming to Dresden. Unfortunately, they often stay among themselves because the German culture and social life here are so different from home. But I’m glad that there are offers like this café where you can speak German and meet people of other nationalities.” Rafael learned about the café from a staff member of the railway station mission, who helped him with papers and letters shortly after his arrival.

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Treffpunkt Prohlis · Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.
Berzdorfer Straße 20 · 01239 Dresden
Contact: Michaela Liedtke, Gregory Mock
Mail: Treffpunkt.prohlis@malteser.org · Phone: 0160 525 48 59

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