Lothar and the marble run

Lothar Hanusch not only brings joy to children in Dresdner Nachbarschaften.

Text: Rosa Brockelt · Photos: Yvonn Spauschus

Lothar - Dresdner Nachbarschaften © Y. Spauschus

At the Westhangfest in Gorbitz, while walking between the stalls, we meet Mr Lothar Hanusch, also known as “Murmel-Lo”. He stands next to his large marble run with a beaming smile and straw hat and watches as the passing children throw the small marbles into the upper holes, then curiously observe them through the glass pane on their random way down. Here and there on the way down hang little fairy tale figures – little goat, donkey, wolf or dwarf – propelled by the marbles.

“It all started when I built a marble run on my grandchildren’s play box,” says Lothar. And because building them was so much fun, at some point he started looking for places and people who could use the marble runs to distract children in need and make them forget their worries – even just for half an hour. Lothar contacts children’s homes, children’s hospices and children’s emergency services himself to offer them the individually made marble runs. He finances the material costs through donations, the approx. 130 hours of work per track are his contribution.

The next project is already in the works and is to be donated to the children’s cancer ward at Helios Klinikum Erfurt.

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