Treffpunkt ostZONE. Highlights

Here we present you some highlights of the project Treffpunkt ostZONE.

Here we present some highlights of our project Treffpunkt ostZONE.

02. & 09.10.2021 | Biography Artworkshop in Südvorstadt

01.10.2021 | Market café and District walk in Südvorstadt

18. & 25.09.2021 | Biography Artworkshop in Prohlis

11.09.2021 | Podium discussion in Prohlis
“Clichés and Prejudices”

10.09.2021 | Market Café and District Walk in Neustadt

10 & 17.07.2021 | Biography Artworkshop in Johannstadt

03.07.2021 | Podium discussion in Johannstadt
“Russia/Soviet Union – Big Brother?”

The first panel discussion was certainly one of the highlights: On the topic of “Russia/Soviet Union – Big Brother”, the audience got into conversation with the experts and contemporary witnesses. Very different memories and opinions came together. We would like to thank all the guests and participants for having the courage to share their stories, memories and opinions, and also for their attention and respect while listening and discussing.

Documentation of the event – click to enlarge. 
Graphic Recording: Antje Dennewitz

02.07.2021 | Market Café and District Walk in Johannstadt

19. & 26.06.2021 | Biography Artworkshop in Gorbitz

18.06.2021 | Market café and district walk in Gorbitz

The project Treffpunkt ostZONE. Remember and Shape is supported by the House of Resources Dresden +. This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament within the framework of the state program Integrative Measures.