Virtual exhibition – heap of memories

Heap of memories In June 2014, the former office of the SEWER cooperative burned down in the village of Batagai. The archive of the Ege-Khaya mine and the YanLag was…


23.10.2021 – Workshop day Making memories visible – many works are not yet ready. Mahsa has prepared everything well. The material from the whole project is ready. And, of course,…


Die Veranstaltungen in der Altstadt fanden in Kooperation mit Volkshochschule Dresden e.V., Städtische Bibliotheken Dresden und Verein der Vietnamesen in Dresden e.V. statt.


The events in Südvorstadt took place in cooperation with Verein der Vietnamesen in Dresden e.V..


The events in Prohlis took place in cooperation with ZU HAUSE IN PROHLIS e.V., Musaik - Grenzenlos musizieren e.V., Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. and JugendKunstschule Dresden.


The events in Neustadt took place in cooperation with Erkenntnis durch Erinnerung e.V. / Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden.


The events in Johannstadt took place in cooperation with Johannstädter Kulturtreff e.V. and Plattenwechsel - WIR in Aktion.


The events in Gorbitz took place in cooperation with Quartiersmanagement Gorbitz, Nachbarschaftshilfeverein e.V., MEDEA International and Omse e.V..

Winterreisen – Tell us your stories

The cold months are here again, just the right time to recall the images of summer in a cosy, warm atmosphere. Our already traditional series Winterreisen will continue in the…