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Georgia on the move Georgia, located at the easternmost end of Europe, is caught in the tension of a conflict between pro-Western reorientation and historically Russian sphere of influence, which…

Winterreisen 2024

Winterreisen 2024

Traditional series of lectures in a Neustadt pub on the travel experiences of cultural activists
null bis hundert eG Generationenwohnen - Dresdner Nachbarschaften © Y. Spauschus

Constanze and Andreas

"Why are we members of null bis hundert eG? We would like to see the first offers for multigenerational living for people in the city of Dresden and that is why we are involved in the cooperative in making this wish come true."


Workshops, discussions with contemporary witnesses and city walks on the occasion of the exhibition "Revolutionary Romances? Global Art Histories in the GDR" at the Albertinum