Winterreisen 2023

Traditional series of presentations in a Neustadt pub on the travel experiences of Kulturaktivisty


Website for networking Ukrainian aid as well as calendar of events for people who have fled from Ukraine to Dresden

Winterreisen – Tell us your travel story

Have you been traveling in the summer and would like to share your experiences with others? That's exactly what's possible at our annual Winterreisen. In order to bring summer back to us a little bit in the winter time, lectures about travel and vacation events of the summer will take place at the beginning of next year (January to March).

Office space (17 m²) for rent in Neustadt

We are renting a room in our creative office at Bautzner Straße 49 (Dresden Neustadt) from 1 January 2023. The best conditions to get a fresh start with your team or to work on your own projects on your own. Individual viewing appointments can be arranged at any time.
Dresdner Nachbarschaften | Biografieworkshop in Löbtau

Dresdner Nachbarschaften – quotes and reports

Many meetings, exchanges and listening sessions have shown us that these are great people who give Dresden's neighbourhoods a face and hold them together! Here you can find out more about these neighbours, initiatives and other stories.
Dresdner Nachbarschaften | Biografieworkshop in Gruna

Biography workshop in Gruna

On 17 September, the Dresden Neighbourhoods were in Gruna for a biography workshop: paper art, life stages, lived experiences...
Dresdner Nachbarschaften | Stadtspaziergang Erzählcafé in Prohlis

Diverse Neighbourhoods in Prohlis

On 8 July, the Dresdner Nachbarschaften went on a discovery tour in Prohlis. How does it feel to live in hire? What is the neighbourly cooperation like? How is the…

Dresdner Nachbarschaften | Stadtteilspaziergang in der Johannstadt

“My Dresden. My choice.” Johannstadt from Zahra’s point of view

On 02 September, the Dresdner Nachbarschaften went on a discovery tour in Johannstadt. The meeting point was the Gläserne Manufaktur on Straßburger Platz. The noise level at the busy intersection is high. Fortunately, Zahra has a small amplifier for her voice. She is a participant in the educational project „Frauen*stimmen sichtbar machen“
Dresdner Nachbarschaften | Erzählcafé in Gorbitz

My children, my trees, my district – Paul, the jack-of-all-trades

On 31 July, the Dresdner Nachbarschaften were guests at the Neighbourhood Sunday in Gorbitz at the Gorbitzer Club Passage, where we met Paul Hopp. Anna from the Lebenshilfe Dresden e.V. leisure club joined Paul and three other people for coffee and cake. And as soon as everyone is seated, Paul takes the floor and doesn't relinquish it any time soon.